What is a Boardroom?


Boardroom is a media company founded by Kevin Durant & Rich Kleiman is a sports-focused media company that focuses on as well as entertainment and culture. The company isn’t the first to cover both the arts and culture but it intends to do it in a unique way that makes its voice stronger and clearer.

The term “boardroom” is derived from the space where directors of a business meet as a group of people elected by shareholders to run the company. In these meetings, a board of directors is accountable to set the broad goals, supporting executive duties, and ensuring that the company operates within legal frameworks and ethical standards.

It is essential for businesses to understand the distinction between a conference room and a boardroom because they have different functions. A boardroom is a formal location where high-level decisions are taken, whereas a meeting room is more casual setting for collaboration.

A boardroom should include a table large enough to accommodate all members and be set in a place that promotes privacy. The rooms are usually sealed to keep out noise and ensure that conversations remain private. Attendees should wear professional clothing and muffle their microphones to prevent interrupting speakers. This will prevent attendees from checking their phones or sending emails, or catching up on their work and will help them stay focused on the subject of discussion. This will result in more productive and successful meeting.


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