Understanding Legal Terms and Concepts


The Legal Rhyme

When it comes to the law, there’s a lot to know;a separate section of a legal document, can make your case glow.

If you’re an heir, and you need proof of your name;how many days for legal heir certificate, may be your claim to fame.

Your credit card statement, it’s not just for show;what is a credit card statement, you really should know.

Jim Crow laws, they were cruel and not fair;jim crow law englisch, is a part of our historical air.

Legal 500 in Serbia, they’re the cream of the crop;legal 500 serbia, they’ll make your case pop.

Non resuscitation agreements, a tough choice to make;non resuscitation agreement, it’s a decision to take.

Business law, it’s an important thing;importance of business law slideshare, it’s not just bling.

If you want to get hitched, in the Philippines so far;legal capacity to marry form philippines, will get you to par.

Legal decree, a clue that you seek;legal decree crossword clue, it’s not in the creek.

When it comes to legal terms, the rhyme is the key;burr law office, they’ll set you free.

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