Legal Lingo Rap


Yo, yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal lingo for you to understand, CIA agreement definition is where it all began.

If you need to school yourself on some EU law, check out the research handbook on EU economic law, it’s raw.

Got a case in California and need to know, The California rules of evidence PDF is the way to go.

If you’re broke and need some help, learn about the eligibility of legal aid, don’t yelp.

Now, here’s a trick that’s kinda funny, you can use Benford’s law to make some money.

Confused about all the fancy words? Check out what is the legal terminology, it’s for the nerds.

An eye for an eye, it’s an ancient rule, eye for an eye rule ain’t cool.

Traveling to the Philippines and wanna drink? Check the legal drinking age in the Philippines and don’t overthink.

If someone broke a deal and you need to fight, learn how to write a breach of contract letter with all your might.

Got some pounds and wonder if they’re real? Learn about legal tender 10 pound notes and seal the deal.

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